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LifeSource Water Customer Reviews

Our customers love their LifeSource Water and so will you!

4.83 | 1558 reviews
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Solved All My Problems!

Roger Packer (San Antonio TX, 78253)

The coffee is better! I didn't enjoy taking showers with all the salt from my softener system. LifeSource came along and solved all my problems!

Roger Packer - San Antonio, TX

Something you can share with the whole family

Michelle Goffin (Los Angeles CA, 90020)

I've got my whole family over right now, it's a full house! Everyone loves LifeSource water so far. We're cooking with it, drinking it, showering in it, flushing it and we love it! I see a difference in all my water with taste and cleanliness and feel. We are very happy!

Michelle Goffin - Los Angeles, CA

Quality and service that goes a long way

Lee Maynard (North Las Vegas NV, 89032)

We just settled in with our second LifeSource system and everything is going as swimmingly as ever. We are long time customers and expect to be in the future. LifeSource is at least as long on quality and service.

Lee Maynard - Las Vegas, NV

We Love Our System!

Shanti Wu (San Diego CA, 92130)

The LifeSource equipment is just great! We've always had good water and haven't noticed any changes to the taste and quality since installation but we are certainly glad that our LIfeSource system is all natural and maintenance free. We love it!

Shanti Wu - San Diego, CA

No salt = no stress

Chris and Loremer Cross (Los Angeles CA, 90008)

There was a small problem with an installation overcharge but LifeSource jumped right on it and sorted it out. Otherwise, the water is OUTSTANDING! My wife has diabetes so salty softener water had to go! LifeSource is the best system in the world for getting away from salt so it was a natural choice.

Chris and Loremer Cross - Los Angeles, CA

For the long haul

Tom Rogers (Escondido CA, 92025)

I have been a LifeSource Customer since 1996 and I'll tell you something: the system I got then didn't kick off until 2011. These newer systems have proved a little more finicky but LifeSource is always johnny-on-the-spot with repairs and anything else I've needed. Quality of water and reliability haven't wavered since day one and I doubt they ever will, Lifesource made a lifetime customer out of me and you can bet they'll make you one too.

Tom Rogers - Escondido, CA

The water is just lovely

Cheryl and Fred Werth (Las Vegas NV, 89123)

We worried a new filter would change the taste but it remains scrumptious. We wanted to move away from our salty water softener and Life Source has filled in the gaps and then some. Surfaces and dishes are plainly cleaner even with all the minerals left in by Life Source Filters.

Cheryl and Fred Werth - Las Vegas, NV

Love the taste and cleanliness of Lifesource water

Tiffany Malkin (Los Angeles CA, 90004)

We love everything about the taste and cleanliness of our fresh, healthy water. But we are still having trouble with one thing. Just after the Lifesource system installation our water began to turn our bathtub blue! Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks!

Tiffany Malkin - Los Angeles, CA

No maintenance sold us

Mimi Wells (Orange CA, 92869)

The system seems to work okay. We put our tank in another house that we don’t live in but we haven't had any problems with it so far and hopefully since it's no maintenance we won't have to mess with it at all.

Mimi Wells - Orange, CA

Works Well And Saves Water

Bonnie Flowers (Los Angeles CA, 90032)

Everything seems great at the moment.I did have one instance where couldn’t turn hot water off and it was running on the cold water side but that has seemed to have gone away. Other than that I haven't been using much water because of the drought.

Bonnie Flowers - Los Angeles, CA

1... 616263646566... 156  Total Reviews 1558


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