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Water Filter Technology

LifeSource's whole house filter systems use the latest technology. Our high quality components include pharmaceutical grade activated carbon water filters, TAC conditioning systems, and more.

Water Filter Technology

High Grade Granular Activated Carbon
The "workhorse" in the water purification, high grade Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), filters your water. It completely reduces the objectionable taste and odors of chlorine while adding nothing to your water.

The Most Advanced Valve/Timer
Automatically controls the rinse cycles to clean out sediment in the carbon bed. The rinse water can be used to water a garden or flower bed so no water is wasted. The rinse cycle turbulates the Granular Activated Carbon for longer service life and greater efficiency.

Water Conditioning Unit
Our revolutionary LifeSource Water System conditions water without using salts, chemicals or magnets. Your water will be smooth and gentle, not slippery or slimy found with ordinary water softeners. You'll never have to worry about corrosion to your pipes caused by salts.

The LifeSource Water conditioning system retains natural and beneficial minerals, such as calcium and magnesium while using NO SALT or adding anything to your water.

Gold Seal Certification by the Water Quality Association
All LifeSource Water Systems are NSF/ANSI tested and certified for filtration. Tested by ANSI accredited laboratories, such as the WQA, UL and NSF.

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