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Using a proprietary combination of coconut shell granular activated carbon, the LifeSource Water Filtration system effectively reduces objectionable tastes and odors whithout adding anything to your water.

With reports of over 300 different contaminates found in water supplies throughout the U.S., it’s essential to return your water back to its natural state. Choosing the correct water filter is a matter of size, flow rate, and the type of filtration you need.

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Our Water Filtration Story:

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What You Gain With Us:

For Your Health

Before making it to your glass, your water travels from a natural source, flowing through the ground and into a processing center where it is treated before being distributed to your home. Along its way, water can absorb dirt, chemicals, and other contaminants.

For Your Wallet

With a whole house water system, there's no need to purchase and install additional equipment underneath every sink - saving you money on hardwear and unnecessary replacement filters.

For the Environment

Our systems do not use salt or chemicals and there is no water waste. With delicious filtered water flowing throughout your entire home, you can eliminate your need for bottled water.
Enjoy better water for your plants, animals and pipes!

For Your Pipes & Fixtures

Most cities disinfect municipal water using chlorine and chloramines. Over the years, chloramines can damage your plumbing, causing pinhole leaks in copper pipes and corrosion of rubber, copper and plastic fixtures. Filtering out chlorine and chloramines helps to maintain the integrity of your plumbing.

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