737 Conserve

Venice, CA

"We wanted a water system that helped to conserve water and eliminated the need for bottled water ."
Tom Schey - General Contractor & Owner

737, a newly completed Platinum LEED home in Venice CA is one of the most advanced smart homes ever built. It was designed to create as little environmental impact as possible, without sacrificing design and comfort. 737 is a home that automatically self adjusts to different weather conditions, hot, cold, sunny, or rain. The structure will most certainly generate more electricity than it uses. Its use of water is minimized, incorporating WaterSense plumbing by Kohler and a Whole House Water System by LifeSource.

Two of Tom Schey's goals were to eliminate the usage of bottled water and conserve water in his household. With his LifeSource 1620 model, he accomplished both goals. Tom also wanted a low maintenance, long lasting water system. According to Tom, the house was meant to be "built of durable long lasting materials". With his 2250SE System certified for 2.5 million gallons of filtration capacity, LifeSource was the clear choice for Tom Schey & 737.

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