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Hard Water vs Soft Water

Hard Water

Contains high amounts of dissolved minerals
Calcium and Magnesium minerals good for health
Minerals can cause problems in hot water heaters
Leaves water stains on glassware
Can cause damages to pipes
Causes scale build up

Soft Water

Removes all healthy minerals
Replaces minerals with sodium and potassium chloride
Water tastes like salt
Not suitable for drinking
Does not leave water stains on house appliances
Reduces scale build up

Treating Hard Water

The simple solution for hard water is to turn to soft water, to reduce scale build up and any other disadvantages brought by it. The downfall of switching from hard water to soft water is the replacement of healthy minerals with sodium and potassium chloride. Soft water causes one’s house water to taste like salt but reduces scale build up. The World Health Organization (WHO) has determined that the removal of the healthy minerals in hard water such as calcium and magnesium is not good for overall public health.

Confused as to which is better now? They both have their advantages which come with their own disadvantages, one is not nearly better than the other. What is the solution to hard and soft water? LifeSource Water Softener Replacement!

Treating Soft Water

Although the solution to hard water is soft water, soft water does not solve all problems. The process of softening hard water, causes the healthy minerals to be replaced with sodium and potassium chloride which results in water tasting like salt and is not suitable for drinking. Benefits of soft water reduces scale build up and does not leave water stains on glassware, but why choose between one or the other and not have both? By replacing your water softener with LifeSource Water Softener Replacement, you are still reducing scale build up and dishware stains, along with softening water, and containing all healthy minerals by not replacing them with sodium and potassium chloride.

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