Better Water for Your Home

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Bottled Water

Bottled Water vs. Tap Water

Most consumers do not consider the potential health risks that bottled water can have.

Did you know that bottledwater comes from tap water? According to the NRDC, one third of bottled waters in the United States come from tap water. Substances in bottled water are often worse than those found in tap water. Bottled water is stored for long periods and at high temperatures, so some microorganisms may grow to higher levels in bottled water. Even though bottled water has an increased risk for contamination, the FDA regulations on bottled water tend to be less strict than EPA regulations for tap water. This is probably the reason why tap water tastes better than bottled water during blind taste tests.

Bottled water is less healthy, less tasty, less eco-friendly, and more expensive than tap water.

Bottle Water Cost

It is obvious that bottled water costs more than tap water, but how much more? Bottled water costs about 2,000 times the price of tap water. The cost of bottled water includes manufacturing the bottles, as well as the external pollution costs. In the US, the oil used to make bottled water for one year is equivalent to the oil used to fuel one million cars!

LifeSource Water Systems will provide you the highest quality water for a fraction of the price! You can fill up reusable water bottles from any tap in the house to live a healthy, tasty, and eco-friendly lifestyle.


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