Chlorine is a corrosive, poisonous, greenish-yellow gas that is two and a half times heavier than air yet as many as 98% of municipal water plants use chlorination to treat your water. Though chlorine does present the advantage of killing off microorganisms in the water, it keeps killing when it gets in your home. You can be exposed to harmful chlorine when you drink, wash your dishes and bathe in tap water. And tap water can have twice the amount of chlorine as a swimming pool! What's more, chlorine is also used as bleach, which means that the water from your tap is essentially a mild bleach solution. Now is that safe?

History of Chlorine

Chlorination began in the early 1900's when water born viruses were devastating humanity. By treating the water with chemicals, typhoid and cholera were practically eliminated, but at a cost. In 1947, scientists found chloroform in the water supply: a byproduct of chlorination. Since chloroform is a known animal carcinogen it was clear that more research needed to be done about the safety of chlorination. In 1979, the EPA reduced the regulation limit of chlorine hoping to protect people's safety. Today, the effects of chlorination on the human body are not entirely known, but the research is constantly ongoing. And though the exact effects of chlorine are currently debated, most experts agree that chlorine is definitely harmful.


When doing the laundry, we usually use chlorine to bleach our toughest stains. However, chlorine also gets into our clothes because municipal treatment centers chlorinate the water. And no surprise, chlorine in the water will bleach clothing just like bleach bought at the store. Chlorine also weakens the fibers in some fabrics making clothing dull and worn out after only one trip through the washing machine! With a whole-house water filter like LifeSource Systems, all the water in your house will be treated so your clothing will be safe from the damaging effects of chlorine.

In the Kitchen

Water is a constant factor in the food we eat and chlorine in the water can affect our food even before it reaches the table. Firstly, chlorination can cause cooking water to have odd tastes and colors which eventually get imparted into the food. Chlorine also reacts with organic material like food which makes it great for disinfecting but bad when you are trying to create a healthy, home-cooked meal. Without chlorine, food is tastier and more colorful and appetizing.

But the effects of chlorine do not stop when the meal is over. By washing your dishes and running the dishwasher with chlorinated water you risk even more consequences. When you wash your dishes, chlorine leaves a residue that is then consumed during your next meal. Furthermore, when heated in the dishwasher, the harmful effects of chlorine are exacerbated and released into the air through steam. With LifeSource Water Systems, chlorine is completely removed from the water, so you can access any faucet in the house without ever worrying about the effects of chlorine.

Household Plants

Water was originally chlorinated to kill living bacteria in the water, but if chlorine can kill bacteria what's it to stop from killing plants in your home? Chlorine does not occur naturally in nature. So when you water your plants with chlorinated water, the chlorine damages the cells and denatures cell proteins. This can cause discoloration and death of your plants. Moreover, what about the living pets in your home? Chlorine can do them major harm as well. If you want the living things in your home to stay healthy and vibrant, LifeSource is the best way to protect them from the dangers on chlorine.


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