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Chlorine Is Chlorine Safe?
98% of municipal water plants use chlorination to treat your water because chlorine kills off microorganisms in the water, but it also continues killing when it gets in your home. Chlorine is a poisonous gas that is present in the water you drink, wash your dishes with, and bathe in. Tap water has twice as much of chlorine as a swimming pool! Since chlorine is used as bleach, you're basically drinking a mild bleach solution. Chlorine dries up your skin and hair, fades your clothes because it is bleach, and harms your appliances. Not only is chlorinated water unsafe, it is also unpleasant because it tastes and smells bad.

Chlorination began in the early 1900's when chemicals in water were harmful to humans. Since then chlorine has been used as a disinfectant and has helped end many threats to public health. In 1979, the EPA reduced the regulation limit of chlorine hoping to protect people's safety. The effects of chlorination on the human body are not entirely known, but most experts agree that chlorine is definitely harmful.

Like bleach, chlorine makes clothing dull and worn out.

In the Kitchen
From your water, to your food, and to your dishes, chlorine is everywhere. Just as chlorinated water taste, your food will also taste and smell bed.

Household Plants
Plants are a part of nature, but chlorine is not. Keep chlorinated water away from your plants to avoid damage to their cells and to your pets!

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