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LifeSource Water Systems Launches Innovative Water Management Options For Commercial Real Estate Markets

Pasadena, Calif., August 19, 2015 – California commercial property owners and facility managers facing drought-related water restrictions, rising water rates and mandatory conservation practices, can turn to LifeSource® Water Systems, Inc. to find innovative, proven water management and treatment solutions for numerous commercial real estate market applications.

LifeSource launched and pioneered residential “Whole-House Water Systems” in 1984 as a leading water filtration category solution. The company is expanding its commercial division with “Whole-Building” water filtration and ScaleSolver® conditioning systems that include integrated water meter technologies to help its customers manage water usage and flow rates within their buildings.

“We’ve entered an incredibly important phase of water management requirements in California and many other regions around the country,” says Peter Hewitt, executive vice president/GM of LifeSource Commercial Water Systems – a LifeSource operating division. “We have built our commercial division around leveraging installation and service strengths with mechanical engineering and plumbing subcontractor firms. We’re excited about expanding our relationship with Comfort Systems USA for whole-building water management systems.” “You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” says Ken Hoving, EVP, Comfort Systems USA, Inc. (NYSE: FIX). Water usage and flow rate data are continually captured via smart meters allowing building property managers, facility engineers, and maintenance staff to more efficiently track water use and help develop and drive water conservation best practices. This is especially important for our customers who require mechanical engineering designs, construction, and ongoing HVAC and plumbing services in new and existing commercial buildings.”

Key benefits of LifeSource’s green, sustainable products include better tasting water from every faucet with LifeSource Water Filters– eliminating the need for bottled water. Reducing chlorine, chloramines, dirt and sediment from water by using LifeSource systems is also better for hair, skin, taste of food, and the ability to use less soap and detergent while cleaning and washing.

LifeSource ScaleSolver® conditioning products help reduce and prevent scale build-up for most applications caused by hard water. This water softener alternative does not soften water with salt additives, does not waste water, and does not require electricity or add any chemicals during water treatment. An accurate water meter is optional when it becomes essential to monitor, benchmark and audit water use and flow rates, implement leak detection and execute other conservation programs.

A March, 2015 CFE Media National Water Management Study shows over 78% of facility managers and engineers find water treatment and management best practices important. However, only 60% actually track water consumption. The survey revealed many facility managers and engineers are unaware of new technology alternatives to water softeners that don’t waste excess water for treatment, require delivery and storage of salt, and pollute the environment when dumping massive amounts of salt-brine discharges. Some municipalities have banned water-softening systems given the amount of waste water and harm to the environment.

LifeSource Commercial Water Systems are being specified for new design-build projects and also available for existing buildings, including multifamily condos, apartments, senior living communities, mixed-use office buildings, education and healthcare facilities, hotels, resorts, spas and more.

About LifeSource Water Systems, Inc.
LifeSource Water Systems has been manufacturing and marketing eco-friendly water filtration and conditioning systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications since 1984, earning a Gold Seal certification by the Water Quality Association. With efficient, low-maintenance water systems, LifeSource improves the overall quality of water for commercial properties while protecting plumbing and equipment from scale build-up for most applications. www.lifesourcewater.com

About California Comfort Systems USA, Inc.
California Comfort Systems USA (CCS), a division of Comfort Systems USA, is a highly respected mechanical and plumbing contractor headquartered in San Diego, CA. California Comfort Systems specialties include mechanical, refrigeration, electrical, plumbing, temperature controls, maintenance, retrofits, repairs and design-build construction services. Through close team involvement from planning through completion, CCS has the capability to deliver complex and intricate mechanical installations and has won a reputation for meeting even the most challenging fast track construction schedules.

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