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Water Softener Problems

Problems with Water Softener

Owning a water softener can create a variety of problems. Selecting the right type of water softener system is key to eliminating future complications. The LifeSource water softener alternative is a simple, worry-free environmentally friendly system. LifeSource water softener alternatives add no salt or chemicals to your water!

Water Softener Prices

Water softener prices are easy to find online and at your local hardware store. Prices can differ based where you buy and the type of water softener you need. Big box hardware store prices range from $350 to $600 dollars. Water softener dealers offer systems in a range of $900 to $7000 dollars.

Water softener installation can typically range from around $400-$3,000. It all depends on how far you install the system from your main water line. A homeowner might receive four estimates ranging from $2,100-$3,500 for total costs for installing a standard water softener in an older home it is not pre-plumbed for a softener unit. Let a LifeSource professional assist you in determining where to install a system for you at the lowest possible cost.

Looking to repair a salt based water softener? Read on.

Use pure salt with iron remover, standard salt is less expensive, but the contaminants it contains will cost you more in the future. Rock salt or Potassium Chloride can cause sediment to build up in the brine tank. The sediment can clog the injector and the softener's control valve.

Don't add salt until almost all the salt in the tank is used up. Then refill the tank no more than two-thirds full. Use Iron-Out once a year to clean the resin bed and the parts in the control valve. Clean the brine tank once a year. Even pure salt contains contaminants. Make sure the softener's drain line isn't pushed down into a floor drain. The end of the softener's drain line should be above the grate of the drain to prevent accidental siphoning of sewage into the softener.

Water Softener Maintenance

All water softeners are not the same. LifeSource Systems need no regular maintenance. However, salt based water softeners require regular maintenance. You will need to either clean or add salt to the system. As you can imagine, opening and filling, running out of softener salts only will damage your system over time.

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