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Beware of LifeSource System Impostors!

Genuine LifeSource Products

At LifeSource Water, we offer high quality products that are tested and certified to deliver clean safe water.

We engineer and produce our water systems using manufacturing processes that we have developed over the last 30 years. Our products cannot be duplicated; they are unique and exclusive.

Buying genuine LifeSource products

You can buy genuine LifeSource products direct from LifeSource on this website or by phone at 800-334-5009, or at one of our authorized retail stores. If you purchase a product direct from us on this website or by phone, or from one of our authorized retailers, it is genuine. Only LifeSource products purchased direct from us or an authorized retail store include our limited warranties.

Auction website purchases

We do not sell LifeSource products on auction websites (such as eBay). Products listed on auction websites may be imitations, used, or from an unauthorized retailer. We can not support items purchased through auction websites, nor can we verify their authenticity. These products may not be genuine and do not carry our limited warranties.

Unauthorized retailers

Unauthorized retailers often sell cheap counterfeit imitations that can be mistaken for authentic LifeSource products. We do everything we can to protect our customers and our brand from counterfeiters and the unauthorized retailers who sell their products. We cannot support items purchased through unauthorized retailers, nor can we verify their authenticity. These products may not be genuine and do not carry our limited warranties.

Reporting counterfeiters

If you think you have a counterfeit product, or have seen our products somewhere other than in one of our authorized retail stores, please let us know. Call us toll-free at 800-334-5009 or email us. We truly appreciate your help!

The Most Recommended Water System in America.

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