The Respondek Residence

Malibu, CA

"We chose LifeSource because their system conserves water, it tastes great and I can have it at any faucet."
Shalane Respondek -
Malibu, CA

Deep in Point Dume, Malibu lies a home that received the Platinum LEED Award from the Green Building Council. To maximize solar energy, a 5.5 Kw system converts electricity from the solar panels. The careful positioning of skylights helps the house increase interior natural light. Even the construction process involved eco-conscious decisions, such as increasing the fly ash mixture in concrete foundation and flat work up to 40% mixture.

Shalane Respondek came across LifeSource after interviewing and considering numerous water filtration companies. She thought about getting a R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) system, but concluded that it wasted too much water. She considered getting a water softener, but she found out that softeners are harmful to the environment. In 2009, a 1620 model was delivered to the Respondek Residence. Now she uses and drink LifeSource water from every faucet in her home. She fills up water bottles for her whole family, including her 4-year old daughter. She also uses LifeSource to filter the water for her organic garden. "The plants," she says, "noticeably grow much healthier and more vibrant than before." Shalane believes that LifeSource provides her with clean water without constant filter change and water wasting, which makes LifeSource the greenest choice for her home.

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