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Water Systems Compared

How is a whole house water system different from a water softener? Which is more beneficial to the people in my home? These are important questions to ask when considering how to treat and condition your home's water to be more drinkable but also safe for surfaces and appliances? We provide some important details between the two.

Features/Benefits LifeSource
Water System
Water Softener
One system for all water in the home Yes No
Reduces Scale Build Up Yes Yes
Removes chlorine and dirt Yes No
Environmentally friendly Yes No
Requires maintenance No Yes
Safe for plants and pets Yes No
Good for cleaning and dishwashing Yes Yes
Requires additional system for drinking water No Yes
Produces salty, slimy, slippery water No Yes
Pollutes with salt brine discharge No Yes
Banned by law in many communities No Yes
Removes healthy nutrients from water No Yes

In summary, water softeners, as their name states, is a system that merely eliminates lime scale and calcium buildup on surfaces by removing minerals which make water hard. While one could say a water softener is also a 'water filter', true whole house water systems encompass a much larger scope of being able to remove not just calcium and magnesium but also particulates and compounds of iron, hydrogen sulfide, bacteria, chlorine, asbestos, and other metallic elements.

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