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Water Filter Comparison

View our water filter comparison chart below to get an idea of what benefits you will have by adding LifeSource Water System to your home. Compare water filters and learn why traditional water softeners are not meeting your expectations. You will love your LifeSource water and the fact that you have clean, refreshing water from every tap!

Whole House Water Systems

  Features/Benefits LifeSource
Water System
Mixed Media Salt Based
Water Softeners
Good Tasting Water Yes No No
Great For Skin and Hair Yes Yes No
Retains Healthy Minerals Yes Yes No
Good For Dishwashing and Laundry Yes Yes Yes
Good For Plants and Pets Yes Yes No
Requires Additional System For Drinking Water No No Yes
Wastes Water No No Yes
Regular Maintenance Required No Yes Yes
Slippery, Slimy Feeling No No Yes
Uses Salt and Chemicals No No Yes
Negative Environmental Impact No No Yes

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