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Water Softener vs. LifeSource ScaleSolver

Compare a common water softener to the LifeSource no-salt water softener alternative. Our chart below examines more of the key elements that matter when choosing to install a water softener into your home. LifeSource Water System is a clean alternative to traditional water softeners that are not environmentally friendly.

LifeSource vs Salt-based Water Softeners
YES On system for all water in building NO
YES Remove chlorine and dirt NO
YES Environmentally Friendly NO
YES Good for scale prevention YES
YES Safe for plants and animals NO
NO Needs additional system for drinking water YES
NO Produces salty, slimy water YES
NO Pollutes waterways with salt brine discharge YES
NO Banned from many communities YES
NO Remove healthy nutrients from water YES
NO Requires maintenance and expense of salt, labor and storage YES

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