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Premier Series - Model 2250
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Large House Water Filter

Premier Series Overview

The Premier Series is designed for a large single family household. It only takes one LifeSource Water System to filter all the water in your entire home.

  • Fresh, filtered water from every faucet and showerhead in your home.
  • Enjoy a worry-free system with the longest service available.
  • No maintenance and NO filters to change.
  • This system is environmentally friendly and does not use salt, potassium, chemicals or magnets.

Premier Series Details

Required Install Space: 18" Width X 66" Height
Rating: 3.5 Million Gallons
Dimensions: Diameter: 13", Height: 62.5"
Water Mains: 1", 1¼" and 1½
Fully Automatic Valve Head

Testing & Certification

Certified and tested to ensure cleaner, better tasting water!
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Customer Review

Very very pleased with our system
Dr. John E. Garry

We used to have a reverse osmosis system in our old home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. When we moved to Fresno we wanted something better as well as something to help with the hard water. After some research we chose LifeSource. the LifeSource system is really amazing. Water spots wipe away, the toilets no long stain and the water is is much better than bottled water. We hope other people try it and enjoy the water as much as we do. Thanks Lifesource.

Dr. John E. Garry, MD Fresno, CA

Customer Review

No Maintenance Really Means No Maintenance - Yippy!
Claudia Thomas, Poway, CA

"When we moved into our new home we thought that our LifeSource system might need to have a filter replaced or something so we had someone to come out and give it a look. We learned a lot about our system that day including that the whole house filter doesn't actually have a filter that needs to be replaced and it was a nice surprise to find that our system was still in good shape and required no maintenance at all. Our water still tastes great and whenever our system does finally die we're looking forward to getting a new one from LifeSource. "

Claudia Thomas, Poway, CA

The most recommended water system in America.

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